Retreating at Wilderness Edge

Coming out to a family gathering in last weekend in July, we were booked as a family at in Pinawa, Manitoba.  Us Bartels were close to 300 people and we had just a fantastic time.  I never heard of Pinawa before.  All the meals were provided for us and the women folk enjoyed it even more than the men for that reason alone.

We did a BBQ on the first evening we arrived and a fireside later in the day.  Evening snack included hundred of baked cookies and desserts.

Pinawa is a great place to visit.  They have a hiking trail system and Wilderness Edge provided several dozen bikes to our group for free 🙂  We use the local baseball diamond and did a bunch of relay races and old fashion three legged races.  If you are planning a family gathering I can not think of a better spot.

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