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Retreating at Wilderness Edge

Coming out to a family gathering in last weekend in July, we were booked as a family at in Pinawa, Manitoba.  Us Bartels were close to 300 people and we had just a fantastic time.  I never heard of Pinawa before.  All the meals were provided for us and the women folk enjoyed it even more than the men for that reason alone. We did a BBQ on the first evening we arrived and a fireside later in the day.  Evening snack included hundred of baked cookies and desserts. Pinawa is a great place to visit.  They have a […]

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Eastern Manitoba Overview

Bring your hiking shoes or bicycle when visiting Victoria Beach, as all automobiles are banned in July and August. Residents park and walk, cycle or taxi to their summer homes. Check out the lagoon at Grand Beach Provincial Park, located just inland of the dunes. Pelicans and cranes feed here, and over a hundred species of birds frequent the park. Whiteshell Provincial Park is a major reserve for the endangered Canada Goose.

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