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Winnipeg is Not ‘Just’ a Prairie City!

Considering Winnipeg’s location slap bang in the heart of the Canadian prairies you may expect this to be a quieter city with not much to do. Well then, Winnipeg is about to surprise you, as the capital and largest city of Manitoba is actually a sophisticated gem, and a beacon of culture and heritage right in the centre of the country! Known as the ‘Gateway to the West’ Winnipeg certainly was historically seen as the gateway to developing the west of the country, following the arrival of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1881. The city grew quickly but even so, […]

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Winnipeg Overview

In 1919, the city of Winnipeg had twenty millionaires! Winnipeg is home to the largest Aboriginal population in Canada. The Exchange District, the cultural heart of Winnipeg, is also home to the Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature, where displays on the Metis people, and farming life in the province are popular with adults and children alike. St. Boniface was established in 1818 with the arrival of two French-Canadian priests who built a modest chapel and residence, the humble beginnings from which arose this beautiful and extensive community. Provencher Boulevard is home to the Franco-Manitoban cultural center, as well as […]

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