Victoria Beach is situated on the eastern shore of Lake Winnipeg and is popular for many reasons including its fine sand. In 1916, the Great Canadian Railway built a line to Victoria Beach, and women and children would live at the beach during the summer with fathers arriving by train for the weekends. A hotel was built, as well as several other amenities, none of which exist today because of a fire. The beach is still well populated in the summer months.

Grand Beach Provincial Park is less than 90 km (56 mi.) from the centre of Winnipeg. It is a provincial hot spot, so the best time to visit is mid-week or off-season. A merry-go-round, concession stand, restaurant, and beach kiosks line the boardwalk. Be sure to check out the nearby sand dunes where children and adults alike are found playing amongst them. Book accommodations at the beaches of Lake Winnipeg, and discover what summers in Manitoba are all about!

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