Travel In Manitoba Content Policy and Terms of Use

Quokka Systems Consulting Ltd. is the company that owns and operates the Travel In family of web sites.

The Content Policy of Quokka Systems is simple: The Travel In family of web sites includes information that is useful to travellers. We wish to collect travel experiences. We invite everyone to submit travel experiences as long as they are:

  • Coherent
  • Free of profanity and have no images that are violent or sexual nature
  • Free of pointless bias

This means that if you have a problem with a business, you can't use our site to air your views. (We recommend contacting businesses directly with your problem.) Conversely, if you are gushing over a business with no specifics as to why you feel this way, we won't use the submission. We are looking for a well articulated piece that balances the pros and cons of your experience with in a specific destination or with a specific business.

Our rating system on the site is to rate the usefulness of the articles themselves. We do not rate businesses.

Quokka Systems reserves full rights to all material on the site.

By contributing to the site, you agree that you are not stealing material from other sources. If we get a complaint of content theft, we will remove the offending piece as soon as possible. All inquiries about the content of the site must be addresses to